Innovative advertising gallery

Below are some innovative approaches to advertising, which may help you with ideas to promote your own business. Today almost all mass-market advertising media are completely saturated and advertisers are being forced to try more innovative approaches to get attention.

Miele sucks billboard

Nice little stunt from Miele

Miele vacuum balloon billboard

Don't drink and drive

A clever bottle top idea showing how your car will look if you drink and drive

Drink driving bottle top ad

Axe emergency exit sign

A guerilla marketing campaign by Axe / Lynx using emergency exit signs

Axe emergency exit advert

Yellow pages - magnets

An innovative use of roadside billboards to advertise Yellow pages

Yellow pages magnets advert

Hoover plane window ad

An innovative advert demonstrating the sucking power of Hoover

Hoover plane window

McDonalds sundial billboard

A new approach to billboard advertising from the fast food chain

McDonalds sundial advert

Lego Muhammad Ali advert

Some interesting ads from Lego mirroring famous events from their 50th year history

Lego Muhammad Ali advert

Papa John's Pizza door advert

Papa Johns invented a new media to promote their home delivery service

Papa John's Pizza door advert

Drink driving toilet advert

A poster campaign which really drives home the message

Drink driving toilet poster advert

Ballet school hotel entrance

Another new media invented here

Ballet school

Yoga centre straw

Great new use for a familiar object

Yoga centre straw

Leica zoom billboards

Highly customised billboards from Leica

Leica zoom billboard

FedEx / ups truck advert

Bitter rivals FedEx and ups are renowned for their competitive advertising - this great truck design by Fedex is one of our favorites

FedEx UPS truck

Divorce lawyer

Another new medium invented by a divorce lawyer looking to generate some attention

Divorce dog

World no tobacco day

An attention grabbing and emotive advert

World no tobacco day crosses

Corona bikini

Ads targeting men don't come much more attention grabbing than this

Corona bikini

Denver water bench - use only what you need

A clever way of raising awareness about sensible water usage

Denver water use only what you need


Economist bulb poster

A motion sensor detects when pedestrians pass by and the bulb illuminated. Great idea.

Economist bulb advert

Benjamin Moore Paints

A transparent display backing up Benjamin Moore's claim that they will match any paint colour

Benjamin Moore Paints advert

Noodle advert

A superb idea promoting a noodle company using the side of boats - another previously untapped medium

Noodle advert using anchor ropes from a boat

Slim fast

Diet drinks never tasted so good

Slim fast drain ad

Sky HD

Sky have made good use of two nearby billboards. The ball was supported on a pole.

Sky HD rugby billboard

McDonalds free coffee campaign

A great use of lamp posts to promote another McDonalds incentive

McDonalds coffee lamp post