Marketing definitions

Jargon free definitions of marketing terminology

Above the line A traditional term for mass media promotion such as TV or cinema ads
Account manager A member of agency staff who looks after the client side of a particular account
Added value Increased worth of a brand due to a particular activity such as packaging or customer service
Advertising The promotion of a product or service using paid-for media
Advertising value equivalent A measure used used to determine the approximate worth of press and media attention compared to the equivalent amount of advertising space
Advertorial A press advert designed to look like standards editorial content
Advocate A member of the public who is an ambassador for your company or products
Affiliate marketing

An online promotional channel which involves advertisers paying website publishers for results (such as purchases), rather than simply paying for the advertising space. Most affiliate programmes in involve a commission based on the value of the sale.

Affinity marketing See affiliate marketing
AIDA Attention, Interest, Desire, Action - the stages of the original sales / purchase funnel
Ambient media Communication via media which surround us in everyday life
Below the line A traditional term to describe alternatives to the mass media approach to promotion
Boston Consultancy Grid / Matrix A method of identifying strategies for growing your business
Brand The intangible sum of the thoughts and emotions a consumer has about a product or company
Branding How a product or company is presented to the public
Channel See communications channel
CMS Content management system
CMT Content management tool (see CMS)
Communications See marketing communications
Communications channel Method of communicating with customers, these include websites, blogs, TV ads, personal letters, telephone conversations, live events and many more.
Conversion rate A measure of campaign success - the number of prospects who have been converted into customers
Copyright A legal term to prevent the unauthorised copying of work such as images or text
CPC Cost per click - a term used to price online advertisements
CRM Customer Relationship Management, management of the sales funnel
Direct marketing Generally used to describe advertising directly to individuals. Includes direct mail, emails, telemarketing, leaflet marketing etc.
DL A common leaflet size, A4 folded into three
DM Direct marketing
E-brochure An electronic digitized version of a paper brochure
E-commerce The process of making a transaction via a website
Environmental analysis The process of analyzing relevant factors from the macro, micro and internal marketing environments and identifying possible threats and opportunities
Experiential marketing Event-based promotions
FMCG Fast moving consumer goods
Google Adsense Google's advertising program for website publishers
Google Adwords Google's advertising program for businesses
Guerilla marketing A term to describe daring approaches to advertising
Horizontal scanning The process of examining developments, opportunities and threats in the external marketing environment
Hot spot See 'Touch point'
Integrated marketing An integrated marketing campaign uses different media which work together to strengthen a message
Joint venture A partnership formed by two or more parties to serve a specific purpose
KPI Key Performance Indicator - a measurement of success
Lead time The preparation needed before results can be seen
Macro-environment Large scale marketing factors outside of a company's control - these are normally broken down into political, economic, social and technological elements
Marcomms See marketing communications
Marketing clutter The high volume of marketing messages the average consumer is exposed to on a daily basis
Marketing communications Methods of promoting your business
Marketing environment analysis See environmental analysis
Marketing mix The marketing toolkit
Marketing myopia Describes the over-reliance in conventional promotional techniques such as advertising
Marketing plan The staged approach to a successful business
Metrics Another word for measurements usually presented as figures or graphs
Micro-environment Marketing factors which are external to a company, but which can be controlled to a certain extent. These include suppliers, consumers, intermediaries, and competitors.
Nomenclature The names of the products within a brand
Organic ranking The natural ranking a website achieves in search engines for particular key words
PEST analysis A method for identifying the elements of the external marketing environment - PEST is an acronym which stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological factors.
Positioning Creating an image for your product, service or company and conveying this to the consumer
PR Public relations or press relations
Prospect A potential customer, who may have expressed interest in your brand
Pull strategy A promotional strategy which encourages customers to seek out a product
Purchase funnel The customer journey towards purchasing a product
Push strategy A promotional strategy which encourages retailers to stock a product and promote directly to the consumer
Qualitative information Data can be observed but not measured
Quantitative information Data which can be measured with numbers
Retention The ability to maintain custom from individuals who have already bought from you
ROI Return On Investment
Sales funnel The refinement process involved with turning a person into a customer
Segment A group of the population which has similar product or service requirements
Segmentation The process of splitting the consumer into definable target groups
SEO Search engine optimisation - the process of designing your website to rank well in search engines for certain search terms
Service A product where nothing physically changes hands
SOSTAC Situation analysis, Objectives, Strategy, Tactics, Actions, Controls
SMART Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound
Strategic brand management

The process of creating value through brand development

SWOT analysis A method of identifying the current market position of a business or product. SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
Targeting Marketing to a particular segment
Through the line An advertising campaign or agency which uses various disciplines including mass media such as Cinema ads (see 'Above The Line') and less conventional means such as social media (see 'Below the Line')
Touch point Every step of the customer journey where there is interaction with a brand
URL Uniform resource locator. A website address
USP Unique selling point - a competitive advantage
Value proposition

Value proposition: The sum of the tangible and intangible qualities which form a brand's offering

Viral marketing A method of marketing which spreads the message via the action of people
WOM Word of mouth advertising - a powerful tool